!! MSAT (Secondary) 2023-24 Application Has Started !!

Why Apply

Benefits of Applying:

Management is one of the most attractive, prestigious as well as well-rewarding professions. As you may be knowing that the competition for a seat in the Management course is getting stiffer year after year accompanied by an increase in admission fees as well as course expenses. So, MSAT (Secondary) Scholarship Examination is for students who are aspiring to study MBA and PGDM courses from reputed universities and colleges. MSAT (Secondary) is going to be organised and commenced from the coming session 2023–2024.

Financial aid provided to the candidates are:

  1. Enrollments through MSAT (Secondary) come with a merit-based basic scholarship, allowing applicants to benefit from the relief and waiver of full tuition fees of up to 100% tuition fee as a scholarship for up to 2 years to study MBA/PGDM in 20 IIMs or the chance to win a Standard laptop for their further studies.
  2. All candidates who need financial assistance and cannot afford the expensive universities and colleges can apply for the benefits of this scholarship program.
  3. This examination gives hand-holding support to all deserving candidates who want to pursue management education after financial assistance of waiver from full tuition fees for the management course based on the score and get MSAT (Secondary) Counselling session for admission in the leading IIMs across India.

Thus, MSAT (Secondary) will provide you with an opportunity for a Scholarship to study in reputed management universities and colleges, such as IIMs and other top Government approved participating universities and colleges across India with a complete tuition fees waiver as a scholarship. The aspirants who qualify MSAT (Secondary) Scholarship Examination are eligible to get a Scholarship to study in top-notch Government approved Management colleges and institutions, such as IIMs and other top-most private institutions across India.

MSAT (Secondary) gives hand-holding support to the Management aspirant students. This scholarship examination supports registered candidates by providing scholarships to the candidates who qualify with good scores in the scholarship examination and get counselling sessions after their examination to get a scholarship for admission to their choice college.

Students will be required to give only one entrance test for all management colleges and institutes, which will save time and money. If they qualify for the examination then they can opt for a complete tuition fee waiver as their scholarship for their Management studies in top universities and colleges.

MSAT (Secondary) is conducted by the board of all combined college authorities. So, the examination is considered reliable, but unfair practices are sure to dwindle.

This examination provides scholarships to underprivileged, deserving brilliant candidates and can waive tuition fees. This examination is solely based on core subjects and a lot of burden-reliever. It provides more preparation time and less examination pressure.

The table below gives you a glimpse of the high fee structure of the top-most Govt. approved management institutions.

Name of the Institution

Annual Fee (INR)

Total Fee (INR)







Top Govt. Universities



Other Top Colleges and Institutions



Note: If you qualify for the MSAT Scholarship Examination, we can provide the complete tuition fee as a scholarship.

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